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     Are you a Detroit area chief executive who would value having a turfless, competitor-free group of peers with whom to meet regularly in confidence as an objective sounding board to discuss the issues and challenges you face in your business?

Does meeting with other chief executives who are dedicated to growing their already successful companies appeal to you?

Are you open to participating in confidential “give-and-take” small group sessions in an advisory board type of activity?

Then you may be interested in joining Chief Executive Forum or CEO Exchange.

Consider the words of one 11-year CEF member:

"Everyone needs a reality check and a straight opinion. Who are you going to
get THAT from? Your spouse? Your employees? How about your banker? At CEF
you get informed and knowledgeable opinions, and even a swift kick in the
pants if necessary."

Liz Hubbard, President, Effikal International, Orion
(Manufacturer of HVAC Controls & Accessories)


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